Mission & Policies


The primary mission of IT Support Services is to provide computing service, support and consultation to the faculty, staff and students of Appalachian State University.

Additionally, ITS designs, implements and troubleshoots technology solutions for App State, providing a standard set of hardware and software application recommendations. Consulting support is provided to assist with configuring and purchasing new computers, printers, peripherals and other technology devices for office as well as home use. Consulting services for classroom technology are also provided for the university.

Our Technology Support Center is also available for students, faculty and staff for their technology needs.

  • Phone support is provided for all users to ask questions or report problems with on-campus machines as well as their personal machines.
  • Office and residence hall visits are made by consultants by request when needed.
  • Computer labs throughout campus are equipped with laser printers as well as both Macintosh and Windows computers with a variety of installed software.

Policy 901

Acceptable Use of Computing and Electronic Resources Policy from the Appalachian State University Policy Manual


The UNC Policy Manual, Chapter 100.1, The Code, Section 502

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998

Appalachian State University has developed a three strike policy with DMCA takedown notices for our end users.

  • A first offense is handled through a warning and response system where the student is notified and asked to remove all copyrighted material from their computer.
  • A second offense is handled through a warning and mandatory workshop to educate on the risks of copyright infringement. Internet is cut off from the student's computer for ten academic days.
  • A third offense is handled by cutting off the student's computer Internet access for 75 academic days, and placing the student on academic probation.

View more information about the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

The Higher Education Opportunity Act

The Higher Education Opportunity Act requires academic institutions to increase their university's response to copyright infringements. Universities must have a three-pronged approach to address this act:

  • Educate students on copyright and DMCA issues,
  • Prevent inappropriate use of peer-to-peer (P2P) programs and software through the utilization of a variety of technologies to deter the behavior, and
  • Suggest alternatives for downloading programs (Pandora, Itunes, etc.).

Appalachian State University addresses this act in all three venues.

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View a Summary of the Higher Education Opportunities Act

Appalachian State University DMCA Officer information:

Mailing Address:
224 Joyce Lawrence Lane
1022 Anne Belk Hall
Boone, NC 28608

Phone: 828.262.6272
Email: dmca@appstate.edu