Director of IT Support Services

  • Tom McDonnell

Desktop Support Specialists

  • Shawn Whitener (Manager)
  • Clint Nelson
  • Daniel Jones
  • Tony Grant
  • Doug Brantz
  • Michael Bennett
  • Tung Ong
  • Brent Pope
  • Max Bilson
  • Joey Annas
  • Jason Nichols
  • Eric Hartway
  • Danny Hunt

Technology Support Center and Copier Services

  • James Shook (Technology Support Center Manager)
  • Matthew Hayes
  • Danny Moorhead
  • Dylan Aldridge
  • Steve Pope
  • Donny McCaulley
  • Vince Piekarski
  • Joe Byrd
  • Mike Waters (Copier and Printing Services - Team Lead) 

 Help Desk

  • Gina Slagle (Help Desk Manager)
  • Paula Ransom
  • Leanna Brown
  • Teresa Benge

Classrooms / Labs

  • Garry Powell (Learning Spaces Manager)
  • Chris Presnell
  • Isaac Harmon
  • Kane Almond

Other Support Areas

Food Services

  • John Haas


  • Bryan Estel
  • Chris Liucci
  • Jonathan Candelaria

Student Development

  • James Ward

University Advancement

  • Travis Phillips

How to Contact Support

Please submit a ticket through our support request system at or contact our help desk at 828-262-6266 for technical support.

Consultants work in teams and direct email can sometimes get lost in the shuffle. Additionally, if a consultant needs to be off work, someone else on the team can step in to help you.