Print & Copy

PaperCut Printing

Printing Process & Tips

 Employees & Students can print, make copies and scan using the following to authenticate at the printer. 

  • AppCard swipe, 
  • Banner ID or 
  • App State username and password 

If you forget to select double-sided printing or grayscale (black & white printing) on your computer, you can make either of these selections at the printer before releasing your print job. Color printing costs 5x more than Black & White.


Student Print Queues

When printing, Students select: 

  • ASU-STUDENT-PRINT-BW for black & white printing
  • ASU-STUDENT-PRINT-COLOR for color printing

Printing Options

PaperCut Pricing 

Price Per Sheet:

  • Letter (8 1/2 x 11):

    • Black and White - $0.10

    • Duplex (2-sided) - $0.10

    • Color - $0.50

  • Any other sizes (ex: 11x14 or 11x17) - $2.00

  • Visit the Library's website for large format/poster printing or 3D printing.

How do I Pay

  • Print cards in the library will no longer be issued. 

  • Money will need to be applied to your App Card in order to complete a print release. To make a deposit or check the balance on your App Card, visit

Faculty & Staff

Fac/Staff Print Queues

When printing, Faculty and Staff select:

  • ASU-SHARP-BW for black & white printing 
  • ASU-SHARP-COLOR for color printing

Visit our How to articles to:

More Resources

Employee Copier Services

Copier Services maintains the Sharp Multifunctional (MF) Printers on App State's campus.

This includes:

  • Hardware support
  • Consumable supplies
  • Recycling program
  • Printing and scanning support
  • Installation and relocation
  • Accounting
  • Training users
  • Liaison with the vendor


Need Help?

For assistance, enter a Printing Assistance Support Ticket
*Include your Sharp ID, located on the orange tag attached to your machine and a detailed description of your issue.