IT Consultants

Please submit a support request through our support request system at or contact our help desk at (828)262-6266 as a first step in requesting help. The consultants work in teams, and direct email can sometimes get lost in the shuffle. Additionally, if a consultant needs to be off work, someone else on the team can step in to help you.


The consultants are divided into five main teams for our campus: East, Center, West, Leon-Levine Hall, and Off-Campus

East Team (Brent Pope, Charles Davis, and Clint Nelson)

Support the following buildings/areas: Convocation Center, Katherine Harper Hall, CAP, JET, Police & Parking, I.G. Greer, B.B. Dougherty, Sanford, Founders, East Hall, Steam Plant, Appalachian Hall, International Education and Development, and Solar Decathlon.

Center Team (Michael Bennett, Pamela Graham, Shawn Whitener, and Dustin Gragg)

Support the following buildings: Rankin Science, Anne Belk Hall, Smith Wright, D.D. Dougherty, L.S. Dougherty, Lucy Brock, RCOE, and Miles Annas Student Support Building, Wey Hall, Edwin Duncan, Varsity Gym, Athletics Field House, Schaefer Center.

West Team (Douglas Brantz, Madison Barnett and Tung Ong)

Support the following buildings: Living Learning Center, Broyhill Music, Chapell Wilson, Walker Hall, Athletics Field Office, Beasley Broadcast, Peacock, Estes, and Turchin Center.

Leon-Levine Hall (Tony Grant and Daniel Jones)

Support Leon-Levine Hall.

Off-Campus and Distance Learning Support (Kinney Baughman)

Support the following buildings/areas: Distance Learning, Physical Plant, Business Affairs Annex, New River L&P, Singing News, and University Hall.

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