Student Development Services

AppSync is a one-stop connection to engagement and leadership opportunities at Appalachian State. Every member of our campus has access to AppSync and can explore over 450 clubs and organizations, departments, events and programs on campus.
The Counseling Center Check-In system allows to check into the counseling center, identify why they are visiting, and indicate if they are having an emergency. This system streamlines patient routing for the Counseling Center and provides visitation metrics.
End point system for club management and involvement tracking which provides for on-demand generation of student co-curricular/involvement transcripts. Data snapshot taken from AppSync each semester on a census date.
Federal government grant and scholarship data processing.
System for receiving faxed documents with a corresponding web application for viewing and organizing incoming faxes. Saves paper by capturing fax documents in PDF format. Staff can browse their faxes from their desktop.
The Financial Aid Check-In system allows students to swipe their AppCard to check into the Financial Aid office and identify the purpose of their visit. The system streamlines student routing for Financial Aid and provides visitation metrics.
Handshake (formerly Career Gear) is career management software that allows students to apply for on-campus interviews and allows employers to view student resumes. Also provides web-based student resume help and national job postings.
A full-featured web-application which allows students to apply for and manage their residence hall assignments. Administrative features allow staff to view student information, manage housing applications for upcoming terms, track room assignments, manage Residential Learning Communities, and more.
The Internship Inventory is a web-application for managing student internship experiences. It helps faculty members track the approval workflow for each internship, enforces State Authorization Rules, provides Internship Contract generation and storage, provides for lookup of emergency contact information, and allows reporting on previous internships.
Kendall Hunt is a web-based software program used by the Health, Leisure and Exercise Science Department as a fitness assessment and reporting program. The assessment includes a variety of health-related physical fitness tests that assess aerobic capacity; muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility; and body composition. Scores from these assessments are compared to Healthy Fitness...
Notifies students when their laundry is done and when washers and dryers are available for use in residence halls.
Database and workflow management for student conduct allegations and violations.
Medicat is an Electronic Medical Records system for Health Services. Student facing services are also provided via the MedPortal, which allows students access to secure communication with health providers as well as update their health history and immunization records.
The Nominations module allows users to nominate individuals for various awards given by Student Affairs departments. References can be identified, and letters of recommendation uploaded. 
Allows students to find roommates and post subleases anonymously. Also allows property managers access to advertise off-campus housing.
An advanced ticketing system that allows tracking of student or parent contacts and issues. Provides useful metrics and workflow management.
An online registration program for parents attending orientation with incoming freshman and transfer students.
The Student Elections software allows students to vote on SGA elections and automatically generates ballots based on student involvement.
The Student Legal Clinic allows for counting and categorizing each visit a student makes to the Student Legal Clinic in a private and secure way. Data regarding types of visits can be aggregated for assessment.
Student travel registration system for the Dean of Students office.