Maintenance Schedule

The object of this maintenance window schedule is to identify two business day mornings, and one Saturday per month which can be identified and recognized as potential outage windows for any, or all IT services. Business day windows will be scheduled for 7 hours from 12:00am - 7:00am, will be every Tuesday and Friday morning and ideally will only include work which can be undone relatively quickly, if events don't progress as planned.

Saturday windows are schedule for 23 hours, and can extend from 12:00 am - 11:00 pm. In most cases this work will include lengthy or risky upgrade maintenance, and while most work will not produce service outages which span the entire window, it should be understood, services could be out for this entire period.

Notification of work and potential service impacts would be posted via email and Twenty-four hour notification would be given for the Tuesday/Friday Business day windows, while service impact notices for Saturday windows will be no less than 7 days.

Current Schedule


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