Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact if I need help with Smart Classroom Technology / equipment?

In every technology-equipped classroom, you'll see an intercom panel on the top of the podium. Press the "AV HELP" or "TECH HELP" button, and someone from the Classroom Technology Support team will assist you. If not in the classroom, enter a support request at You'll Classroom Technology in the left column, then the option to submit a classroom equipment problem. 

Tech Help button on podium

What equipment is included in a Smart Classroom?

Equipment varies, but generally there should be a data LCD projector, as well as: a podium, document camera, Dell or Mac computer, Bluray/DVD/VCR combo, & Extron control systems & possible an Extron Touchpanel. To find out what is in your area - check out our current rooms page.

What software is installed on the fixed computer in a Smart Classroom?

Generally, Smart classroom PC's are Dell/Mac computers running the current Windows 10 Podium build or the latest Mac OS. The build includes Office 2019,  SMART Notebook software, Google Chrome and other web browsers, and other university licensed software.

What happens to the data if I save it on the hard drive of a computer located in the podium?

User profiles are wiped periodically from podium computers, so it is not recommended to save files on podium computers.

Do I leave the computer ON or OFF when I am finished?

Please leave the computers on as they perform automatic updates/maintenance functions on a nightly basis.

Can I play DVD's / Bluray's / VCR tapes?

Generally the answer is yes. There should be a DVD/VCR/Bluray combo player located in the podium, however we are no longer supporting/installing VHS/VCR units as they are no longer being manufactured. We suggest that you transition any VHS material to a DVD format. There is also the DVD drive of the computer. Use whichever you may but just make sure that you match the output by pressing the corresponding button to the control system so that you get sound (for example if you are using the PC - make sure you press the PC button located on the MLC226 Control panel).

How do I connect my laptop/Ipad/Tablet?

The laptop connections are located in the top of the podium. We provide a VGA (analog 15pin) and a HDMI digital cable where equipped. Please locate the video output on your laptop/tablet/device and connect the corresponding cable. You may have to provide the appropriate adapter (if using a Mac or any device that uses any other connection other than VGA or HDMI). If you also want audio to be played from your laptop/tablet/device - then connect the 3.5mm audio cable to your HEADPHONE jack on your laptop/tablet/device.

Remember to carefully connect / disconnect these cables.

Cable Cubby 300

Is there Internet access or wireless access in my Classroom?

If you have a University owned laptop that has been registered - then you can use wireless. Otherwise there are wired connections in each classroom for internet access.

How do I turn the Projector ON / OFF?

ON: locate the Extron controls on the top of the podium. You should see either a "PROJ ON" or "ON" button in the Dispay section in the upper left corner. Press that button once & the projector should power on.

OFF: locate the Extron controls on the top of the podium. You should see either a "PROJ OFF" or "OFF" button in the Dispay section in the upper left corner. Press that button once & the projector should power off.

On/Off button on podium

How do I raise / lower the projector screen?

Manual: some rooms have not been outfitted with electric screens. To lower the manual projector screens - simply pull the string / handle downward to the desired level and release. The screen should remain in that position. If not try again - as it could take more than one attempt.

Electric: locate the switch on the wall normally to the left (when facing the screen). Press the switch to the DOWN position to lower the screen / or to the UP position to raise the screen. Please RAISE the screen after each use. *NOTE: All new electric screens installed after Spring 2010 will automatically LOWER when the projector is powered ON & raise when the projector is powered OFF. There are also "SCREEN UP" & "SCREEN DOWN" buttons on the Extron MLC226 located on top of the podium.

Touch Panel: locate and press the 'SCREEN UP' & 'SCREEN DOWN' button on the Touch Panel interface.