Learning Spaces Classroom Technology

Our mission is to support/maintain/standardize all University Classrooms according to the SMART Classroom standards for classroom technology. Currently we have 252 Smart Classrooms, out of a total of 308 General Classrooms, for a total of 82% of classrooms having standardized technology. On average, the classroom technology is utilized 60% of the time during the academic day. The majority of the usage of equipment is data projector and desktop computer.

Standard Equipment

Our standard classroom equipment includes: multimedia data projector, electric screen, Podium consisting of: computer, Smart Interactive Pen Display, DVD/VCR combo or Blu-ray, Epson / Elmo document camera, Extron Switcher, and Extron amplifier & Extron ceiling/wall mounted speakers. We are currently transitioning to the ALL DIGITAL classroom solution including digital laptop inputs.

Faculty who utilize the classrooms and Staff personal who assist in its operation.
To Request Service: 

Press the “Tech Help” button on the podium intercom if available, or “Enter a Support Request” on the support.appstate.edu/help.

For Problems or Issues Contact: 
Contact the Help Desk at (828) 262-6266 Monday - Friday 8am -5pm, or enter a support request at http://support.appstate.edu/help