This page is for personally owned devices.  University security questions should have a support ticket or call us at 828 262 6266.  

If you think an  appstate email is malicious, please forward it to or call us at 828 262 6266.

Appstate will never ask for your login information through email or telephone. 

We see a lot of telephone scams. "There is a problem, or we detected a problem on your computer,  please allow us to access your computer"  These have been very successful scams.  If you didn't initiate the call, its probably not legit. 

Ad Blocker

These programs run in your browser and help protect you from pop ups, and ads that may be infected with viruses or malware. This can run in addition to your Anti-Virus program.

To download ublock, click here:

DNS Services - A more protected internet highway

Open DNS is a service that reroutes your internet traffic through a more protected internet highway. This is installed on your router, not the laptop.

Google DNS Similar to Open DNS

PC Anti-Virus

Technology Support Services recommends Windows Defender Antivirus, which is the Windows Security that is built-in to Windows 10. For more information, visit the Microsoft website.

Mac Anti-Virus

Technology Support Services recommends Sophos AntiVirus Software for Mac Computers. Running multiple AntiVirus programs on your computer at a time can cause conflicts. Most issues we see on MAC computers are related to browser pop ups, sometimes re-setting the browser or running an Ad-Blocker is just as effective.


  • Mac OS X 10.12 or higher for the latest version of Sophos
  • Please uninstall any previous version of antivirus software before installing Sophos. Running more than one anti-virus will affect computer performance negatively.
  • Download

If your machine is already infected

You can bring it into our Technology Support Center or run your own clean-up using the programs listed below.

Please note: These programs are not managed by IT Support, they are free downloads and we are not responsible for their content.

Clean your own Mac

Malwarebytes for MAC: malware scanner for Macs

Clean your own PC

*** Any Utilities can crash a system, Please backup before attempting.

  1. Rkill this can sometimes help kill the virus so you can run other things
  2. ADWCleaner search and then delete
  3. HitManPro Another useful tool
  4. Kaspersky's TDS Killer (master Boot Record Check)
  5. SuperAntiSpyware Similar to Malwarebytes
  6. Malwarebytes Also, Tech Support's Best Friend, Don't forget to update!