Technology Application and Service Catalog - Administrative Services Technology Portfolio

Advancement Services

CampusCALL is used for the phonathon fundraising efforts of the Appalachian Fund and other areas within University Advancement. The App Fund's CampusCALL application website is protected by the server's firewall. Only PC's that have explicit firewall exemptions have access.
Advizor Solutions is used for prospect management and supports the fundraising efforts of University Advancement.
Internet Native Banner is an enterprise application solution for higher education. The software is based on current technology database tools accessible through the web and provides solutions for all major components on the campus, including: Finance, University Advancement, Human Resources, Student Services and Financial Aid. With Banner Advancement, you can: Engage, cultivate, and steward alumni, prospects, donors, and friends Build the relationships that are critical to successful...
Terra Dotta is a software solution used by the Office of International Education and Development at Appalachian. This software is used to help maintain federal reporting compliance and streamlines International Programs' administrative processes.
TicketPH / ProVenue is used for selling and printing tickets for The Schaefer Center for the Performing Arts and Valborg Theatre events.  TicketPH is the vendor.  

Analytics Services

ePrint is our Banner report repository. ePrint is an Internet application to securely and quickly distribute reports across the institution as well as archiving these reports. It interacts with Banner to apply authentication and authorization to reports.
The web-based collection system of the faculty workload is the tool utilized by Institutional Research, Assessment, and Planning to obtain data as mandated by the University of North Carolina's General Administration.  Information, disseminated through this collection effort, is used for the national Delaware Study as well as internal budgeting efforts.
The Human Resources Data Mart is a combination of Banner data, FOCUS programs, and Oracle Tables and views to provide a General Administration-required view of ASU Human Resources related data.  The HR Data Mart creates a clearinghouse of HR information that will eliminate duplicate entry into the PMIS system, as well as provide constant, timely and accurate feedback to campuses and GA. For problems or issues:
Oracle's Hyperion Interactive Reporting connects university administrators to Banner data and gives them a complete set of tools to support administrative decisions by allowing ad hoc client/server querying, reporting, and analysis all in one application. Hyperion provides these capabilities: Data extraction Data analysis Reporting and distribution
The Operational Data Store Database is a Reporting Data Warehouse that contains  the Banner Operational Data Store (ODS) a data mart regularly populated by Banner data,  and other Student, Advancement and Financial historical and archival data.  The Banner Operational Data Store extracts information from Banner administrative systems, organizes it into a simplified format, and stores the information in the ODS database where users can create and deploy operational and ad hoc...
Personnel Data File is an annual General Administration-required file of Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Assistant information.  Working with Institutional Research, ASU ITS Enterprise Administrative Applications group created and maintains tables and forms integrated into the Banner ERP system that Institutional Research, Academic Affairs, the Graduate School and Human Resource Services use to capture the required data.  IR uses an additional application created and maintained by EAA...
The Student Data Mart is a combination of Banner data, Oracle Tables, and views to provide a General Administration-required view of ASU Student-related data.  The Data Mart creates a clearinghouse of student information that eliminates the need for flat file transmission of census data, as well as provide constant, timely and accurate feedback to campuses and GA.
Tableau Software consists of a family of products designed to produce or display interactive data visualizations (Wikipedia). Tableau Software consists of two primary components used by ASU at this point: a desktop development tool (editions: "Desktop Professional," "Desktop Personal," or "Public") and a Tableau cloud server offering ("Tableau Public Premium"). The desktop tools enable data to be visually analyzed by simply dragging and dropping the various data elements onto a workbook. These...
The office of Institutional Research, Assessment, and Planning works with the University of North Carolina's General Administration (UNC-GA) numerous times throughout the year to submit a variety of data files containing official Appalachian data. Data file examples are the Student Data File, SDF Graduated File, Financial Aid File, Preliminary Applications and Acceptances File, Course Data File, Course Grade File, Course Location File, and the Personnel Data File. To Request Service or to...
WebFocus is an enterprise reporting platform that delivers rich, consumable, interactive information to the widest range of employees, managers, analysts, partners, and customers via solutions such as  dashboard and ad hoc reporting. It offers true do-it-yourself reporting with unmatched scalability.

Collaboration Tools

BoardEffect is cloud based board management software used by the Board of Trustees.

Finance/HR/Payroll Services

AiM is a Facilities Management solution for government and educational facilities.   It is used by Appalachian to submit Physical Plant work requests for building maintenance and repair requests for vehicles. Click this link to get access to the AiM System and this link to access AiM if you already have access to the system. 
Appcard Online provides  the ability to make deposits and view transactions and balances to personal AppCard accounts. The card holder can set up low balance warnings to notify them when any account balance reaches the set amount. The card holder can deactivate his/her lost card and reactivate, if lost card is found. Information concerning available accounts and a FAQ section are available on the website.
The ASP Invoice Automation System is a tool Appalachian Senior Programs uses to enter and electronically submit vendor invoice information to the Controller's Office. The Controller's Office analyzes the information, balances it to information on a separate confirmation communication from ASP, and processes the invoices electronically rather than by manual entry.
The Finance Module of the Banner ERP provides support to plan, develop, and manage institutional budgets; manage and monitor endowments; manage and track sponsored research and associated grants; fulfill institutional and state mandated reporting requirements. For problems or issues:
The Human Resources Module of the Banner ERP provides support to administer and report on payroll, budgeting, grants, and position control; plan, manage, and report on human resource processes; recruit and retain top performers; deliver services that help employees work more productively. For problems or issues contact:
BOSSCARS is a parking management system from BOSS Software that is installed at ASU and customized to meet university needs.  Through this system students, faculty and staff can register their vehicles, purchase parking permits, and appeal citations.  Parking & Traffic office personnel can manage parking lots, lot eligibility, communicate with the hand-held units, and manage appeals. For problems or issues contact: Parking and Traffice at 2878 or
Currently Careers at AppState system is a repository for SPA position descriptions where updates and salary adjustments occur in an online environment. The system will be upgraded in the near future and will include, EPA Non-Faculty, Faculty, and temporary positions will be added to the system. Hiring managers, department heads, faculty, and search committee members will utilize the system to streamline recruiting and deliver a more effective selection process and evaluation process for...
The Central Warehouse Request Form is a web application through which ASU Faculty and Staff can request supplies from the Central Warehouse and view past orders.
CS Gold is the software system that works with everything involving the campus cards. It controls multiple accounts on the card including meal accounts and express accounts for students, faculty, and staff.  Card readers on campus are controlled by CS Gold. Copiers, Vending, Laundry, Access are all controlled by CS Gold.
The Food Services Invoice EDI System sends Food Services invoice information electronically from FSS to a staging table. The Accounting Office analyzes the information, balances it to information on a separate confirmation communication from Food Services, and processes the invoices electronically rather than by manual entry. Another step pulls the vendor invoice number and due date into Banner. Another step reports check numbers from Banner back to Food Services employees. For problems or...
The ASU Health Promotion System is used by the Health Promotion department to administer its services to Faculty and Staff.  Functions include the recording and tracking of medical services rendered, screening test history, groups, and events.  The system is designed to have the look and feel of Banner, resides within the Banner framework, and consists of Oracle Forms and SQR reports.
IntelleCheck® is a software package from Evisions® that Accounts Payable, the Foundation office, and Payroll use as part of their payment processes. It is installed locally on an ASU VM, has a web-based interface, and works with Banner.
AAPlanner database software incorporates census data with institutional data for Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity reporting, which is required by the NC Office of State Personnel.  Instituional Research uses AAPlanner software to build reports that are used by the reporting entity on campus (Equity Office/HRS) for the report that is sent to OSP annually.
The Position Control Budget Revision form provides an enhanced vehicle for entering budget revisions that has the added benefit of tracking the revisions in a history table. It is an ASU enhancement to Banner. Problems or issues, contact: