Retiree Google Account Transition 

All faculty and staff who wish to maintain a University email address into retirement will be issued a new account.  

Transition Timeline

Faculty and staff who have previously retired were notified on June 1, 2020, and transitioned to the address on January 4, 2021.

Faculty and staff who plan to retire will be notified of their new account  upon filing paperwork with Human Resources. 

Staff will have until the last day of employment to transition to the new account, usually about four (4) months.

Faculty accounts will remain active past the last day of employment to allow time for faculty to apply for emeritus status. Applications for emeritus are due mid September.  If an application is received, faculty accounts will remain active past september to await  final approvals for emeritus.  Faculty members who are granted emeritus status are entitled to maintain university accounts and will not transition to the new format.  If an application for emeritus is not received the retired faculty account will be deprovisioned late September of each year.    

Follow the instructions below to prepare for account transition and data retrieval.

Step 1: Establish Your New Account

You will receive a “Retiree Email Account Welcome Email” to your current account that will provide login information about your new account.

Follow the Welcome Email steps carefully to login and set up your account.   

Consider writing a short email to all of your active contacts notifying them of your address change and/or setting a vacation auto-responder in your App State Account to notify your friends, family, and contacts that your email address has changed.

Step 2: Transfer Personal Data 

Move saved personal files, pictures, or other electronic information from your current account to your new address.

Please allow several days to complete the following steps/procedures.  

Transfer Personal Emails:

Transfer Personal Drive Files

Transfer Google Photos 

Transfer Contacts

Step 3: Update Connected Personal Accounts

Update any personal accounts connected with your current email address with your new address.

Services may include:

  • banks 
  • credit cards
  • retirement information*
  • online retailers (Amazon, Apple) 
  • electronics registration and/or applications (mobile phones, laptops) 
  • social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • and many others

Get more information about managing Google products and third-party applications that may be linked to your Google account.

*If your current address is associated with retiree benefits carriers and you need assistance updating your contact information, please contact the Office of Human Resources.

Need Help?

For all other questions or concerns regarding account access and data retrieval please contact the IT Help Desk by phone (828) 262-6266 or email