Recent Equifax Data Breach

Yesterday, the Equifax credit reporting agency reported a data breach impacting as many as 143 million consumers. We anticipate fraudulent emails to emerge based on the scope and nature of this event.

The official Equifax page with information on this breach can be found here:

To help review your potential exposure to this event, ITS recommends the following actions:

Beware of phishing messages and scams for fake identity theft protection services that may use the news of this breach to entice victims into disclosing personal information. You can report any suspicious messages by sending them to

Determine If Your Information Was Included In Breach
The Equifax link listed above contains a "Potential Impact" page that allows you to check if your information may be have been disclosed.

If your personal information was impacted by this breach, Equifax has offered complimentary identity theft protection (see link above and "Enroll" page). Please be aware that these offers have their own legal conditions and agreements.

In addition, ITS has an Identity Theft Protection Page that provides other information on steps you can take:

Consider placing a free credit freeze on your credit information. This is a more significant defense against identity theft than even identity theft monitoring but should be considered carefully. More information can be found at the NC Department of Justice site here:

Published: Sep 8, 2017 3:31pm