Cyber Threat Awareness

Being aware of ongoing scams and fraud is a big step toward prevention (see the list below)

ITS has made available online training as a service to help educate you on how to protect yourself from these and other types of threats. We encourage you to take some time to view this training.

Direct Deposit Fraud - ITS has detected several attacks in the past few months that have targeted Appalachian employee's direct deposit information in Banner. Please be mindful of any email notifications of changes made to your pay information. If you receive a message, but did not make any changes, please contact Payroll at 828-262-6422.

Tax Return Fraud is when an attacker files a fraudulent tax return as someone else. You aren't aware of a problem until you file your taxes. File early is one way to protect yourself. The IRS has a webpage with additional recommendations.

Phone Scams happen when a caller pretends to be an outside company and makes a claim that money was owed. These callers then request payment via money transfer. ASU partners do not make these types of phone calls! If you receive a suspicious call, please report it to University Police at 828-262-2150.

Fake Job Emails target students with opportunities to work from home, or be a personal/executive assistant. The student is asked to apply via email, giving personal information. These emails are not legitimate.

If you have questions about the legitimacy of a contact, please call our Help Desk at 828-262-6266.

Published: Feb 15, 2018 12:00am