Conflicting Account

There are some instances where an Appstate user has a personal Google account that uses their Appstate email address to login. Conflicting accounts most commonly occur if you signed in to Picasa Web Albums, Blogger, or other Google services, before Appstate signed up for Google. This is rare, however if this is the case, you may see the scenarios below regarding conflicting accounts: 

Scenario 1

If you made a personal Gmail account using address and your username at Gmail is the same as with ASU.

Scenario 2

If you made a personal Gmail account using address and got a different username at Gmail as with ASU.


After Appstate migrated your MountaineerMail account to Google, the first time you access your personal Google account you may receive the notifications below. Upon clicking the continue buttons, your personal Gmail account (which used to be will do one of the following: 

  • Change to an account with a Gmail address ( or another available Gmail name).
  • Change to an account with a different email address (uses her address).
  • Sign in with a temporary username Google provides (

Note: All associated data and shared docs will stay intact and are changed to the new account.


Your MountaineerApps account ( will now be associated only with Appstate.

For more detailed information about resolving conflicting accounts, see this support article from Google: