Getting Started with Google

So, you just got migrated to Google? Don't worry, we've got you covered! To get up and running, first time users change your password using the Password Manager and watch the short video below. Alternatively, follow the 4 steps to the right.


Once logged in, jump down to the Gmail, Calendar, Drive, or Chrome buttons to learn more about how to use those MountaineerApps!

 View our Faculty & Staff Quick Reference Guide.

1) Open Google Chrome  

MountaineerApps (Google Apps) works with most browsers, but Chrome will give you the best experience.

2) Change your AppState Password  

Before you login to your Google account for the first time, change your password using the Password Manager.

3) Sign in to Your Account  

Go to and sign in with your AppState email address (e.g. and password.

4) Learn the Best of MountaineerApps

Click a Gmail, Calendar, Drive, or Chrome button below to watch videos, see guides, get training, and setup a Mobile Device.



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