For assistance resolving problems with an account or for help completing a task within these accounts, submit a support ticket or contact us.


By logging into AppalNet you can access Employee Information and University Announcements.


This software is based on current technology database tools accessible through the web and provides solutions for all major components on campus, including:


Your Mountaineer Apps Email account can be accessed from Email is scanned for viruses and spam, however, it is still important for users to verify all email attachments before opening them. If needed, contact support for help regarding your Mountaineer Apps Email account.


AsULearn allows you to add online course material for students, administer online assignments and quizzes, deliver multimedia content, conduct online class discussions and much more. For more information on AsULearn, visit

Personal Web Pages

All App State faculty, staff and students are provided space on a web server for personal web pages. See the Webmaster for more information on configuring and using your personal space.


The Password Change Form will reset and synchronize core App State account passwords such as those used with Novell, VMS,and AppalNet. Once a password is changed using the Password Change Form all of the accounts listed above will have that same password.


uStor is the file storage system for the University. uStor provides both individual and departmental storage areas. The storage areas are available for individual use and are not shared. The departmental storage areas can be configured to provide sharing for the whole department or with a limited set of users, both internal and external to the department; or any combination of the two. All individual and departmental storage areas are given a space quota.