Frequently Asked Questions - Mac

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Friday, April 5, 2013 - 11:02am
All Macs can create a PDF of anything that you want to print. You can use this feature to cut costs on paper and ink by keeping a digital PDF copy on your computer rather than printing a copy.
Tuesday, March 15, 2016 - 11:03am
To manage a Google Group, be sure you already have a Group created. If you do not, follow this guide to request a Google Group in the Appstate Domain: Once you have a Google...
Tuesday, February 2, 2016 - 4:07pm
Enable IMAP in Google You must enable IMAP in order to setup your ASU Gmail account in Apple Mail. Log in to with your ASU Email Address and password. In the top right corner of the screen, click the Gear icon, then Settings. On the...
Thursday, December 17, 2015 - 10:07am
This guide will show you how to enroll an iOS device into our JamfCloud management system. More information on JamfCloud can be found in our service catalog.
Friday, April 3, 2015 - 2:55pm
After you change your password using the Password Manager, your Mac will sometimes have trouble reconnecting to the ASU wireless network. This guide will walk you through how to fix the connection and setup asu wireless again. 
Friday, December 19, 2014 - 12:48pm
Most Appstate computers use Active Directory which allows you to login with your ASU credentials. After you change your password at, follow the directions in the guides below for steps to sync your Mac with Active Directory so...
Wednesday, April 23, 2014 - 2:39pm
In some cases, after you change your Appstate password your Mac OS X Keychain can get out ofsync. With this guide you'll reset the keychain and re-sync your passwords. WARNING: Resetting the Keychain will remove any saved passwords...
Thursday, April 17, 2014 - 2:03pm
In some cases App updates are tied to the Apple ID. These Apps and updates are managed through Self Service on your Mac. This guide will show you how to tell which Apps are tied to an Apple ID and how to install these updates...
Monday, April 7, 2014 - 2:53pm
This guide will show you how to use Self Service on your University-Owned Mac to install apps or run utilities available from Appalachian State University. Self Service is installed on all University-Owned Macs with an AppState Build.
Wednesday, March 5, 2014 - 5:01pm
Appalachian State has partnered with premier online learning company to provide any-time access to 1,000's of training courses and over 100,000 tutorials on various topics from IT related subjects to business. Click here for instructions...