Alumni Account Information

The standard for former student email accounts has been updated to the following: A student's Mountaineer Apps account is valid as long as the student is enrolled. Access to the account will be extended as a courtesy to the student for 1 year after the last attended semester. (Summer terms are rolled forward and counted with the Fall term.)

Accounts for students that have not attended since Fall 2018 (or graduated anytime in 2018, Spring or Summer 2019) are scheduled to be deleted on Tuesday, December 1, 2020

If your Mountaineer Apps account falls into this category, you must retrieve any Emails, Drive Files or Calendar appointments prior to December 1, 2020 or they will be purged.

  • Follow the instructions below to prepare for this deletion and to retrieve your account data.
  • You will need your Mountaineer Apps username and password to complete these steps.

Step 1

Go to to provide/update your alternate email address on file with the university by selecting the personal information tab then view/update personal email address. 

This email address will allow the university to maintain communication with Alumni in the future.

Step 2

Consider a GoldBook Account with the Alumni Association. Visit

Step 3

Retrieve your Emails, Drive Files and Calendars from your Mountaineer Apps Account before December 1, 2020.

  • Instructions for retreiving your data.
  • Your data will no longer be accessible after December 1st, 2020. Please allow several days to complete this process.
  • Please consider setting your vacation message in your AppState Account now to notify your contacts that your email address will change. You may also consider sending a message to all contacts to notify them of this change. 

Step 4

Consider all other accounts/applications your AppState Email may be associated with.

These may include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Phone Applications, Xbox Live, Android Phones, Apple IDs, Amazon and many others. Get more information about managing Google products and third party applications that may be linked to your Google account (PDF, 169 KB).  

Need Help?

For questions or concerns regarding Goldbook, please contact the Alumni Association by calling (828)262-2038 or email at

For all other questions or concerns regarding Self Service, Account Access and Data Retrieval please contact the IT Help Desk by phone (828) 262-6266 or email