AsULearn is Appalachian's official Learning Management System (LMS).  Though locally branded "AsULearn," it uses the open-source Moodle LMS.  AsULearn allows traditional classroom interactions to extend onto the web, and it also serves as a robust learning platform for fully-online course offerings. Native tools in AsuLearn allow faculty to post course information/notes/lectures, hold class discussions, create and accept assignments, create an online gradebook, and offer online quizzes/exams.  In addition, AsULearn also features integration with other useful services, such as the i>Clicker student response system, Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing, and streaming audio/video via Appalachian's streaming server.  To access AsULearn, please use the Service Link below or log in directly at

Service Alert

Service Alert:: AsULearn
Status: green
Additional Information: Many of you may be aware that we have seen performance issues within the last week in AsULearn -- slow page loads, time-outs, and problems logging in.  In an effort to isolate the issue while preserving the core instructional processes in AsULearn (quiz sessions, assignment submissions, forum activity, etc), our Systems Group has recommended that we temporarily restrict the ability of teachers to restore or import course materials to non-peak hours each day, as the import/restore process has been identified as a likely source of the problem. For the immediate future, please note that import and restore functionality will be limited to the non-peak hours between 5PM and 9AM each weekday.  The AsULearn service will still be available 24/7; only the teacher's ability to import/restore course materials is being time-limited.  Other imports, such as gradebook/scantron imports, are not affected. NOTE: Files may still be added to the course, and no other course functionality will be affected. We regret any inconvenience this may cause, and we will update the community with more information when the issue is resolved. Many thanks for your cooperation and understanding as we work through this problem. Regards, LTS
Contact: If you have questions or concerns, please contact Tech Support at 828-262-6266 or submit a support request at